Seller’s Remorse

Seller’s Remorse by

Guess where I am, well I’m at Turks and Caicos with my family on vacation.  And this is where you as a seller should be after you sell your business.  We have seen on occasion that seller’s have a remorse after the sale of their company.  And I don’t blame them.  They have spent every waking moment figuring and thinking how to grow the company. How to mitigate risks surrounding their business, dealing with employees/client issues. Putting out fires, lived day and night nurturing their business.  And after the sale –  poof, all that is all gone.  

So, what’s next…

Here’s our advice to deal with seller’s remorse, you as a seller have worked hard on your business and now have profited from the sale of the company.  You should go enjoy yourself, go on a family vacation, get yourself a nice car that you always wanted but never had the time to enjoy. 

Take some time off and spend the time with the family.  Take the time to decompress and after you have done all that, think what’s next for you.  Perhaps you want to mentor business owners and show them the path to success, or want to be on a board of a company guiding the company in the right path from your experience or want to devote your time to charity work.  

Or simply want to enjoy your time with your family.  Whatever you do decide to do, don’t forget that you didn’t lose anything, this was a path meant for you to take. 

So, after the closing, just breathe, reflect and act.

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