Industries Served

GillAgency serves all industries but focuses primarily on three industries. We have started, operated and sold companies in these domains and so we align ourselves with these industries. However, our diverse experience in the M&A advisory industry as well as a well-proven process and methodology allows us to bring fantastic outcome to the sale of businesses in any industry. We have the process down to a science – we had to because we are a commission-only M&A advisory firm and we cannot afford to execute projects that do not have the desired close for our customers.



Technology companies have intangible assets that non-tech brokers do not understand. We have started, grown and sold technology companies of our own – software, managed services, cloud and SaaS companies, so we understand how to present and negotiate intangible assets, amortization schedules and goodwill for our customers. We remove geek-speak when interacting with legal and banks so that they can properly represent our customer and yet not lose out on the business proposition and value.



Manufacturing companies typically have assets that need to be valued. Regulated industries will require special application and, in such cases, we bring on industry experts into the mix for a specific period of time to assist in the transfer of value. The rest of the business sale will follow our well-buttoned process. If you are not sure we urge you to read our flagship article on how to sell a business.



Distribution companies normally have a wider ecosystem of partners, supply chains and upstream-downstream integrations. Selling a business with an ecosystem requires understanding how to transition such operations to a buyer. Experienced buyers, who will be the premium buyers, will take advantage of an inexperienced team if they sense that the broker/team does not have experience in selling distribution companies. We ensure this never happens because we factor in all such aspects during our exit planning stage.


Other Industries

Because of our well-buttoned process and diverse experience, we are able to help business owners across a wide variety of industries. Additionally, our wide network of consultants, advisors, accountants, banks, private equity investors, attorneys and other brokers is available to you when you connect with us. If we are not able to help you, we will tell you upfront. Because we are commission-only and we focus on getting a fantastic outcome every time from the sale of your business, we have to be extremely selective in our listings. As such, we will be let you know right away if we are not able to represent you. But in such cases, we will be able to connect with a firm/consultant that can assist you.