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In our quest to better the business brokerage world and bring more transparency, we constantly create free resources for business owners. Our YouTube channel has many one-minute videos about the whole world of mergers and acquisitions. Here you will find answers to all your questions about how to sell a business, what to expect, do-s, dont-s and anything you can expect in the M&A world. Please subscribe to the channel because we are constantly adding resources.

A simple one minute can make a big difference in the outcome of the purchase or sale of your business.

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We are constantly writing new articles about buying and selling businesses. These articles have been developed and curated after decades of experience from 100s of brokers, business owners, and consultants – they are a product of our networking, working and educating ourselves through journals, courses, schools and industry resources. We urge you to read them to educate yourself on how to sell a business, how to buy a business, how to find lenders, partners, brokers, consultants. If you are in business or plan to be in business, we can guarantee you that there is no better place, free, to get such a wide variety of information than right here – a tall order, but we are making it happen. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blogs as we enrich this body of knowledge. Comment, share, like and invite your peers and friends.