We do not just strive to be number one in our industry. We relentlessly strive to be number one for our customers by choosing and working with best-fit clients.

Confidential Seller


The decision to sell a successful business is a difficult one, especially for a business that is larger than appropriate for a “ main street business broker”, yet smaller than necessary for a full blown Mergers and Acquisitions firm that deals with companies with 10M plus in Ebitda.  Added to this difficulty was the fact that we operated a complicated business.  Our business required a buyer with the financial resources to complete a transaction AND the technical resources to continue its profitable operations.

We were also concerned with the type of buyer that we would find.  Given the financial and technical concerns, we thought that the universe of possible buyers was limited to those potential buyers that we already knew about – our own contacts of similar businesses developed over a nearly 25 year effort in our endeavor.

By the providence of God, we discovered Sundeep Gill.  Sundeep seemed to have the understanding of our particular situation – he claimed to have the contacts and marketing savvy to get the business sold.  He promised to work diligently to find the right buyer for our business and to achieve a price that we both agreed was realistic for our size company.  He promised to protect the confidentiality of the process and keep us informed every step of the way.  We put our faith in his representation and agreed to employ Sundeep to represent us.

Within just a few weeks of beginning the process we were pleasantly surprised by the level of interest generated.  There were hundreds of inquiries and many signed NDAs.  Sundeep arranged conference calls with various buyers – and we had many such calls with a variety of buyers.  Sundeep was able to setup the contacts for us where we received multiple “LOIs”, all of them from buyers that we did not expect, nor did we know they even existed.  We thought we knew who our potential buyers were – and we were surprised that we didn’t know ANY of the buyers that Sundeep was able to gather to show interest in our business.

After eliminating one of the LOIs we concentrated on the remaining 2 LOIs and proceeded to negotiate with both of these entities (carefully remaining ethical during this process to not disclose competing terms and conditions or otherwise violate ethical or legal boundaries).  With Sundeep’s guidance we agreed to the LOI that was a best match for our customers and business needs and that was financially acceptable.  The process from signed LOI to closing took about 120 days, with a 30 day delay instituted by us in order to deal with some tax consequences of the sale.  Sundeep did an excellent job of keeping everyone on task and guiding us to a closing.

This is our story.  Sundeep made promises which he kept and did an excellent job of representing my company.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sundeep if you are in a similar position of selling a business where you are bigger than your typical business broker serves, yet smaller than will get the direct attention of bigger M&A firms.  Sundeep treated us as the most important client he had.  I think he will do the same for you.

Joey Harris


Sundeep and I connected a few years ago on social media. We spent a good two years sharing information about the markets as it related to my business. What I like about that phase of the relationship is that he never said “you need/should sell” at any point. Most interactions that I have with Advisors is quite the opposite. I knew that if I ever did want to sell my business, I wanted to work with someone who was highly relational and not focused on the transaction first.

He was able to handle the LOI process to where he filtered and negotiated most the information before it reached my inbox. This was helpful to cut down on the “noise” of a process of selling. He spent time determining which of the LOI’s was a best fit for my business and my family as a whole before making selections.

Sundeep’s communication was high touch for sure. You can text or email him any time of day and he was back to me within minutes. This was super helpful especially when critical steps needed to be acted upon. During DD, he was able to push both sides along to help avoid any stalls that could arise in the time line.

I would use Sundeep/Gill Agency again no doubt. He cares about how the deal will personally impact you all while trying to maximize the opportunity.

I highly recommend Sundeep if you are looking to run a process and/or ultimately sell your business.

Gaurav Charokar


I recently had the pleasure of working with Sundeep for our business acquisition, and I can confidently say that their services were exceptional.

From the start, Sundeep demonstrated vast experience and knowledge of the M&A industry. His prompt communication and attention to detail made the buying process seamless. He was always available to answer our questions and provide guidance, which made us feel confident and secure throughout the process.

His knowledge of the M&A industry and negotiation skills were outstanding. He facilitated communication between all parties, provided valuable insights, and helped us close the deal within a reasonable time.

I highly recommend Sundeep’s services to anyone looking to buy a business. His commitment to clients and dedication to work are unmatched. Thank you for everything you did for us during this process.

Overall, I give Sundeep five stars for his exceptional M&A services.


Kevin Scholtz


I had the pleasure of working with Sundeep who successfully brokered a large deal with a group of investors. Sundeep was highly committed and dedicated throughout the entire process. He set up so many high-quality calls with interested buyers that at times we would have four in a day. He attended each call guiding us throughout the process. Sundeep has successfully secured many LOI’s (letter of intent) from interested buyers/investors. Sundeep also successfully managed a level personal matter among the partners that bleed into the business dealings. When we first got started, it was very easy. A couple conversations and sent over some paperwork and Sundeep provided a professional evaluation (what the company is worth). As time went on, Sundeep raised the price based on responses. He pushed us and kept us on top of things when we because distracted. If you are looking to list a business or gain new investors, I highly recommend Sundeep. I also do my due-diligence and research, especially being a former law enforcement officer. Sundeep definitely checked out and checked all my boxes. The results proved my decision to go with Sundeep correctly.

Sam Banerjee

Partner, Medullus

What impressed us most was their availability and patience in explaining what it entails to buy and sell a business. Sundeep was never pushy, but assertive and aggressive when it was required with all the parties in our transaction…

Watch the video testimonial here https://youtu.be/mxdASW6nP00


David Suess


He is great!! Very hard worker!! I had another broker who asked for a lot less, and could not sell, but Sundeep sold it for alot more in half the time. Definitely would use him again!!


Tom Taft


Sundeep was fantastic to work with from the start. He brought me a dozen plus interested buyers to the table and worked aggressively to push the process. We received multiple term sheets and finally chose a company that was in the right geography, the right size, and the cultural fit was spot on. I would highly recommend Sundeep to any company looking to sell their business.

Ajay Narang

CFO & Consultant, Equations

We contracted with GillAgency to help one of our customers in a business sale. The project was a big success for all of us, our customer sold their business in less than 6 months with a value that exceeded their expectations. GillAgency’s number one quality is their response time – they are extremely prompt with emails, text messages, phone calls. They have a big network of attorneys, accountants and lenders. They even helped the buyer with finding funds to buy our customer’s business. We spoke to several brokerage firms and found that GillAgency was zero pressure – they took their time to evaluate the needs of all parties and then took on the project. They were extremely methodical and laid out their process which they followed all the way to the end. Even post-sale they helped us, our customer and even the buyer with post-sale questions regarding transitional items. We will keep coming back to GillAgency for all our business brokerage and M&A needs. I personally recommend Sundeep Gill and his team.

Roni Banerjee

Partner, Medullus

GillAgency helped us sell our business with a much higher value than we had hoped for. What impressed us most was how patient, methodical and aggressive they were with buyers, attorneys, banks and even accountants. Within hours of listing the business in the way they told us, we got leads and in a week we had 2 offers. They stayed with us all the way to the end as we sold our business. Post-sale we had some issues, but they were there to advice us and help us resolve them. I highly recommend GillAgency and their team for any business buying and selling needs that you may have. They are not pushy and because they operate only on commissions, you can be rest assured that they will always give you the right advice. Thanks so much for all that you did for us that changed all our lives.

Tina Rock

Co-founder, Direct placement recruiting firm, Upper Midwest

As co-founder of a direct placement recruiting firm based in the upper Midwest, I came to know Sundeep Gill through a founder of a well-respected firm also based in our geographical area. While I was skeptical of working with a broker at first, I found Sundeep’s deep and vast knowledge of the M&A process to be reassuring and comforting when I had questions and concerns surrounding the process.

Jim Hussey

Petroleum Engineer, California License P-1718

I met Sundeep Gill through a mutual business acquaintance. At the time, I was looking for high net worth funding sources for a significant oil & gas acquisition opportunity that I had identified. Sundeep explained that he had access to several such sources. After just a few conversations, it became apparent to me that Sundeep could be trusted to not over-promise and then fail to deliver. I believe that he is a man of integrity.

Sundeep screened funding sources before scheduling any conference calls with me to be sure that any potential investor was interested in oil & gas investments and could close on a transaction. Sundeep was always very professional concerning any correspondence with me, be it text messages, e-mails or phone calls. You can count on him not to leave you hanging in the dark concerning the status of your efforts.

I would highly recommend that you contact GillAgency to accomplish your business goals while working with quality people.