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At GillAgency, we only work with a small number of customers at a time because we only focus on delivering fantastic exits, one business at a time. The high level of commitment required from our end to get such results do not let us take 100s of listings, like most M&A advisory firms. As such we are selective in the companies we work with.

If we are not a good fit for each other we will let you know in our very first meeting and also refer you to firms that might be a better fit. But once we get going together, we have no choice but get us a fantastic outcome – we work for free upfront and only get paid if the results are fantastic.

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creates customized Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM) for each offerings that we represent


This client had been trying to sell their business for over two years before working with GillAgency for M&A Advisory Services.

Once our client approached us about finding a buyer and brokering the deal to sell their company, we needed to examine the business further to truly understand why they hadn’t been successful in their previous sale attempts.

GillAgency Delivers Offers For a Client’s Business Within Weeks

Custom software development solutions for a large conglomerate of buying groups.

The client’s business was owned and operated by two partners who decided to pivot their time and focus on their preferred passion projects, all centered around cryptocurrency and the blockchain.


Executive Search and IT Staffing company who has helped staff and work with some of the largest companies in their industry.

One of the main partners of the business had recently left around two years ago to pursue other interests and opportunities, leaving the other business partner alone to either grow the company or sell it to other interested parties.


Our client’s company was run by two managing partners who wanted to shift away from handling the day-to-day operations of the staffing and recruitment industry.

Consequently, they sought opportunities to divest and sell their stake in the business.

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    Because we are commission-only we must stay aggressive to reach the close. By the same token, since we are working towards a common goal as your partner, we are also hyper-focused on getting you the best outcome from the sale – a high premium, a best-fit buyer and a desired transition and separation for you from your business after the sale.

    The mergers and acquisitions industry have not changed in 100 years and though there are some innovations using online communication tools, the actual process remains the same. However, business environments have changed. Companies must be agile – they need to adapt to a rapid changing environment. What was planned a month back most likely will change – if not, should be measured and then adjusted against the measurements, however little that change may be. The business sale process takes 6 to 9 months and most M&A advisory firms and consultants build an exit plan and execute that – their goal is to sell as fast as possible to collect their commissions or keep the tab running if they are on a retainer.


    We do not just strive to be number one in our industry. We relentlessly strive to be number one for our customers by choosing and working with best-fit clients.