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We are a boutique, commission-only M&A advisory firm

We are a boutiquecommission-only M&A advisory firm. What does that mean? We first urge you to read about the “Mergers & Acquisitions Industry” that we have detailed that out here, so you know the different types of services available to you.

At GillAgency, we only work with a small number of customers at a time because we only focus on delivering fantastic exits, one business at a time. The high level of commitment required from our end to get such results do not let us take 100s of listings, like most M&A advisory firms. As such we are selective in the companies we work with.

If we are not a good fit for each other we will let you know in our very first meeting and also refer you to firms that might be a better fit. But once we get going together, we have no choice but to get a fantastic outcome – we work for free upfront and only get paid if the results are fantastic.

We serve all industries, but focus primarily on technology, manufacturing, and distribution. We have 5 decades of combined experience in buying and selling businesses. We have also operated, bought and sold businesses ourselves over the last 2 decades and that puts us in a unique position in this industry.

The small to medium scale business world is seeing a wonderful cusp of generations. Baby boomers are exiting their businesses and Millennials and GenZ-ers are entering the entrepreneurial world. We are uniquely positioned to serve this market as we related to these generations because of our diverse experience over the last 2 decades.

The business M&A advisory industry has not changed in 100 years. At  GillAgency we recognize the need to preserve the old-fashioned customer service and complement it with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and methodologies like Agile and Lean. We partner with you to sell your business and work towards the best possible outcome.

Because we are commission-based only, we share in the risk pool with you in the project. We believe that it is the only fair way to sell a business. We do not get paid unless you see the expected sum of money in your bank account at the end of the sale.


Decades of combined experience

100 M+

of combined sales

100 +

Businesses sold