How Can I Ensure My Customers Do Not Leave After The Sale

How can I ensure my customers do not leave after the sale

As you the seller start to think about an exit strategy you may come across this thought; how do I ensure that my customers do not leave after the sale.  After all, your customers are your bread and butter and as well as for the business.  The customers are the ones that keeps the company alive.  

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You start to think that these customers are used to dealing with you on a normal basis, familiar with your personality, have gone on lunches or may be a holiday party or a social event. So, what will happen if you leave?  This is also an ethical question because you do not want to sell the company to a buyer only for your customers to leave because you have exited the business.

The way we at GillAgency handle this is to provide a good length of transition, this way the buyer and the owner is working side by side with the customers, interacting with them together, having meetings together, going out to lunches together.  This will not only help the buyer get to know the customers quickly but it will also have another effect.  It will allow the customers to get to know the new buyer.  

You as a seller should eventually step back gradually while propping the buyer towards the customer more and more.  And when the buyer feels comfortable that he or she has the full confidence of the customers, you as the seller can safely exit.  In addition to this we also suggest that the seller is available for any questions that the buyer may have in the future.  This ensures a very smooth transition for both the parties involved and most importantly the customers. And this is one of the ways that you as a seller ensure that your customers do not leave after the sale.

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