IBBA Chairman’s Circle Award For GillAgency

IBBA Chairman’s Circle Award For GillAgency -

We are excited to announce that GillAgency has won the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) Chairman’s Circle Award for 2021.  Through dedication, education, honesty, employing ethical practices. Along with setting realistic goals for our clients we were able to achieve this distinction.

We are even more proud of the fact that we received this award during our first year of going independent.

When we decided to go independent we knew the road was not going to be easy. Let’s face it, it’s like starting a new business (unlike buying an existing one with current revenue stream, which is what we do for our clients). But we gave it our all. We made strategic alliances, aggressive marketing on social media and other platforms. getting in front of business owners having multiple calls each and every day with our prospective clients, and most importantly just being who we are.

We thank the IBBA for bestowing this Chairman’s Circle Award for GillAgency. This recognition is not just for us, we want to dedicate this award to our clients who believed in us, trusted us with an extremely important asset in their lives and having faith that we would deliver what we promised we would.

We thank you all.


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