This Week We Are Celebrating GillAgency’s Anniversary

This Week We Are Celebrating GillAgency’s Anniversary

Youtube link: I am very excited and proud to announce that this week marks a one year anniversary for Gill Agency.  After working with another brokerage firm for many years, I launched my own business brokerage firm a year ago – in the middle of the pandemic!

And let me tell you, it has been quite a journey; in a very positive way.  I got the opportunity to run my company with honesty, integrity and accountability.  Since inception, I have spoken to hundreds of business owners and guided them either on the valuation of their company or giving them helpful ideas on what they can do now to realize profitability when it’s time to exit their business.  

I also helped them navigate tough situations which comes through years of my experience in the M&A world.  I learned a lot from my affiliations with industry leaders; by the way learning still continues.  I got the opportunity to mentor 2 business brokers who were looking to get started on their own.  I also continue to create bi-weekly one to two minute videos educating business owners and buyers about various aspects of M&A.

Overall, I am very happy that I took this step and I truly feel that I can serve my clients better under the umbrella of GillAgency.

Oh, I almost forgot I also took two companies to market valued at $4.2MM and $7.1MM and both of them are under LOIs and many more in the pipeline.  

That is success…


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