Technology Integrator in Niche Market With 43% ARR

We are excited to present a Technology Integrator in Niche Market with 43% ARR for $5MM. This company provides sale/lease/installation of WiFi technology, security cameras and access control in a very niche market. They specialize in designing combined networks for these three services that create long-term single source relationships with their customers.

The company has a great ARR, in the amount of $1MM that comes from the lease and service of the equipment.

The company has been leading in this niche market since early 2000s and has installed over 750 outdoor locations. The company’s network currently has over 3,500 pieces of equipment installed in over 17 states/provinces/territories, supporting approximately 200 locations. Upwards of 5,000 end user customers use the network daily with strong brand in the US, and the Caribbean. They designed a new generation of installation methodology in 2014 specifically for their niche market and as a result have seen tremendous growth and stability.

The company has offices in the Northeast, Southeast and Southern California. With deep partnerships with vendors and contractors the company is able to support business in a variety of regions. The company also has a 7 day/week call center which is located in the east coast and staffed by over 10 qualified support technicians.
This business opportunity has no employees with all personnel working as 1099, rest on demand contractors, very limited inventory and has very low overhead costs.

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