SOLD – Successful IT Consulting Company With Over Fifty Percent ARR

Hi, I love doing these types of videos. So let’s start with a flashback; here it goes.

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have successfully sold this business and helped achieved our client’s personal goals.

Our client had his business listed with another firm for over 2 years and couldn’t get it sold; not even for $1MM. We were able to not only sell his business but sold it for over 3 times that number.

It did take some time to sell this one. The average time to sell a business is between 6 – 9 months given the market conditions and the business itself. We faced many challenges including finding the right SBA lender who was willing to fund the deal given majority of the business was gov’t contract work; but we did find one and eventually closed the deal with that lender. There were other issues with the attorneys where we personally got involved several times to save the deal and keep the train rolling in the right direction.

Obviously, all the back and forth between the attorneys took extra time and gave pause to the SBA lender as they had to re-evaluate the deal, where we also interjected and showed them the value in them funding this. Not only did we save the deal with the SBA lender, mitigated all the issues with the attorneys but most importantly to us was the fact that we delivered in what we promised we would.If you are looking to sell your business, please do reach out to us so that we can plan your exit strategy confidentially and provide the same service that we provide to all of our clients.


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