SOLD – Direct Perm IT Staffing Company With 95 Percent Retention Rate

We represented the sale of this company in October of last year.

Fast forward 6 months we are delighted to announce that this company was sold to a strategic buyer. This engagement was particularly demanding. My clients were going through a personal change and there were a lot of emotions involved. There were challenging times through-out the entire engagement.

After speaking to many highly qualified investors and fielding multiple offers, my clients chose an offer that best met the needs of their company and them individually. One of my client wanted to retain a minority equity stake and the other one was moving on completely. The offer that we were able to negotiate is just that. One of the owners got to keep some equity and the other found a home as an employee with the investor’s parentcompany.

The due diligence was conducted within 30 days as we mandated. But the closing took extra time which was not anticipated. We kept the ball rolling forward and made sure that all parties were aware as to what the current update was. Our clients are extremely happy with the results that they got. And the strategic buyer is very excited to have acquired a very profitable company. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention was that my clients did try to sell the company themselves for few months. But decided to hire me after they were bombarded with inquiries from all over the world from unqualified buyers. We were able to weed them all out with the processes and procedures that we have in place at GillAgency, which led to a successful transaction.


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