How Do I Sell My Business – Quick Guide

How Do I Sell My Business – Quick Guide

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Selling your business is very easy. This is a very quick guide in “How Do I Sell My Business” You just need to make sure your financial records are in order, compile a valuation report, create a comprehensive memorandum. Get yourself a non-disclosure agreement for the buyers that inquire about your business, ensure that your employees do not know that the business is for sale. Advertise the business on over dozen plus sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also do not forget the print marketing either. Engage with the buyers on daily basis to provide them preliminary info about the business and perhaps detailed financials. Get on conference calls, follow up with every one of them at least once a week and you I’m sure you will sell your business.  

This is a quick guide in “how do I sell my business”

So, there you have it, I laid it out all for you to do.  It’s seems easy, right? But what if you were actively running your business at the same time.  Would you have time and devotion to pursue buyers?  Will you be successful in running your business while seeking a good match for your business?

Good question to ask, right? and this is why you need a full-time business broker who can do this for you.  A great business broker can alleviate all this for you. He/she can free up your time so that you can focus on your business while the pursuit of sale is being handled by a professional. On average it takes about 6 – 9 months to sell a business. That is a long time and resource commitment for selling a business.

But if you want to pursue it yourself, visit for a more detailed plan to follow.

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