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Business Description

This is a 20 year old managed Cloud migrations company that helps clients build technology solutions that are secure, scalable, and affordable to help their businesses grow. Their promise is to always provide best in class, scalable technologies with adaptable service agreements that future-proof their client’s organization.

Managed Cloud, dedicated support, security & compliance and programming & Data Analytics is their core business.

Support agreements are monthly Recurring with 98% of revenue as ARR.

This growing company has been consistently profitable due to a solid track record, stable base of short and long-term project service contracts with established clients, high gross margins and regional sales and staffing focus.

The company provides Private Cloud Platform solutions that are flexible, accessible, and secure. They provide the perfect platform for the transition to the Cloud without changing the applications that work for their client’s businesses.

The company optimizes the client’s infrastructure with their managed Cloud, or integrate off-site virtual and physical servers with the client’s existing network while helping them save on costs by utilizing the same licenses and securely work from anywhere with the familiarity of client’s normal desktop environment through Virtual Desktops.

By providing services that encompass security and compliance, dedicated engineers who provide knowledgeable service and quicker resolutions and a committed team approach that allows the company’s techs to focus on clients environment with established expertise.

The Company has developed their own Persistent Support Model which is client centric and focuses on the client experience.  This model has proven to increase client retention.

The Company’s Private Cloud Platform provides multiple layers of security, redundancy, and the ability to seamlessly migrate legacy applications to the Cloud.  This is a secure and affordable option for the SMB market.

At the beginning of Covid-19, the company proactively setup Cloud servers and virtual desktops for their non-Cloud clients and when the shutdown was in place, they seamlessly continued business as usual.  They now have 100% of their clients on company’s private Cloud which has proved invaluable to everyone.


Business-to-Business and Small to Medium Businesses
Monthly Subscription (Monthly auto renewal) with 36-60 month Cloud Contracts
Automated Credit Card Payments
Assets are 100% Cloud that utilize management portals


The Company has several notable strengths that will continue to serve it well as it retains itscurrent clients and expand into new clients with the help of new acquirers.

Efficient Operations
Each business is different and requires unique solutions. The company’s Private Cloud Platform is flexible, accessible, and secure. They provide the perfect platform for the transition to the Cloud without changing the applications that work for their client businesses. The company is also fully Cloud based without the need for physical offices which help reduce overhead costs.

Service Offerings
The company offers a broad range of service offerings including managed Cloud services, dedicated Cloud services support, security and compliance and business analytics.

Customer Relations
The company has built customer relationships with content that helps raise the company brand and creates multiple content touchpoints for potential new customers to have all the information they need in order to make an inquiry since the sales cycle is long and the sales funnel is a content driven sales funnel.


The current Private Cloud Platform is only at 25% capacity. This allows the ability to increase services to an additional $2MM to $2.25MM in Cloud services without upgrading or adding additional servers.

Business Partners have engaged the company to provide network core engineering services for large Residential Fiber Network Installation in New York City. 15 Buildings (4500 units) estimated at $650k – $1.1MM. Estimated 2-year project timeline.

Tap into renewing exclusive marketing efforts for 2023. Providing the company with exposure to 8 million subscribers.

Detailed Information

Facilities: All Virtual

Support & Training: Long term transition available

Reason for Selling: Looking for partnership opportunities or full buy out.



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