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Manufacturer of Real Time 4K Video Broadcast Products for Live Events – Sports, Government, Medical, Gaming


Business Description

Established in early 2000, this company has been providing high-quality Live Video Streaming and capture products for over 20 years. It is privately owned, with a remarkable history of nearly zero employee turnover. Known for their quality and adaptability makes them prominent leaders in the ever-expanding video streaming market. The company secures approximately 1% of the market share, indicating promising room for growth. Their global reach and customization options further solidify their position in the industry. In a rapidly growing market, they are well-positioned for continued success.

The company has nurtured an extensive worldwide sales and distribution network, serving esteemed organizations from NATO to well-known professional sports leagues. In a significant move, the company recently entered the real-time streaming market with a focus on low-latency applications. This positioned the company as the preferred hardware supplier for many companies. As a result, the company was able to form strategic partnerships with industry giants.

Customer loyalty is paramount within the company, as evidenced by a near-flawless retention rate. In a market largely driven by project-based revenue structures, this company defies convention with a near-100% customer recurrence rate that generates a significant recurring revenue. In an ever-changing landscape, the company adeptly transitions from traditional distribution models to direct engagement, crafting bespoke solutions for industry giants, and nurturing robust partnerships. This unwavering commitment to customers makes them a symbol of dedication in a dynamic world.

The company’s strategic diversification has played a pivotal role in its success. Their initial focus on capture cards has evolved into cutting-edge 4K video encoding and decoding solutions, with upcoming plans to introduce high-density products. Particularly, the company introduced high-quality, in-house-purpose-built workstations designed to complement its capture card products. This expansion underscores their unwavering commitment to maintaining stringent quality standards. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to innovation is evident through its consistent investment into expanding engineering resources, enabling seamless adaptation to diverse video markets.

In the upcoming years, the company anticipates minimal need for major asset or equipment acquisitions. Their focus lies in the diligent maintenance and regular modernization of their existing assets and equipment. With responsive customer support, a global distribution network, and tailored customizations, the company stands as a comprehensive and dependable option in the video capture and streaming market.

The company offers unparalleled, industry-leading products, including:

  • 4K Video Encoders
  • 4K Video Decoders
  • Video Capture Cards
  • Live-Streaming and Production Workstations
  • Video Production Monitors, Converters, Multiviewers, etc


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