New York

Business Description

A leader in digitization realm has come to the market. They have been in business for over 10 years with 100% customer satisfaction rate. They are experts at converting all media formats and have the ability to convert photo, film, video and audio formats and deliver it on Hard Disk or the Cloud. Majority of competitors can’t handle the same number of formats and types of standards that they can handle. For video, they can convert majority of media made in the last 40 years and have the ability to convert high definition tapes to high definition digital formats when others can’t. They can also handle long running and difficult tapes. Their multimedia, multi format and multi standard make them a different company and have ability to handle majority of requests without question.

By applying consistent policies across their production, service and output standards, they achieve margins that they seek.

Everything is centralized in QuickBooks; hence due diligence will be quick and easy. They have established clients all over the map. Majority of the work is in NY area but they do get orders outside of NY area. They are a one stop shop for digitalization of all types of formats, along with that they also do hard drive recovery and computer repairs.

Even experts in the industry who own their own digital equipment gives them work because of the quality and the service that the company provides.

Over $200,000 worth of equipment is included. The company is well staffed by trained professionals and if need be can run by itself.

Employees: 13

The company currently operates out of a 1900 sq. commercial office space, with a monthly lease of (which includes 2 parking spaces) The lease ends current owner is negotiating a new lease. A new get another lease for another 10 years. If the operations be moved to another location there could be reduction The business is in a good location where a customer and drop the order and pick it up.

Competition: There isn’t a lot of competition because of the service, and expertise that they provide.

Growth & Expansion: Develop the company app (subscription based) and bis the high-volume jobs

Financing: $487,500 down and rest in owner financing available

Support & Training: Transition time of 2 months is offered because the the business to be successful and can be a consultant offsite.

Reason for Selling: The owner wants to return to Canada.


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