New York County, NY

Business Description

Products for Buying Groups and Co-Op Purchasers

This tech software company provides software solutions for Purchasing Co-operatives and Buying Groups in USA. The company also develops and implements software for organizations across different industries in the USA. Established in early 2000, The company also has clients in healthcare, legal and retail industries. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified company in application software development and ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management.

This software company is one of the top names in a very niche business model – purchasing co-operatives. Currently it has $50K+ of monthly recurring revenue. While most development companies are project based with virtually no recurring revenue, this company continues to build a higher recurring/variable revenue ratio and enjoys a very high retention rate of its customers. The company is poised to sell co-operative software development services to 1000s of purchasing co-operatives.

In the last 2 years the company has developed multiple resalable cloud-based (Azure) products for Purchasing co-operatives.

The company’ operations are professionally organized with complete operational documentation as well as certifiable and repeatable processes. The owners are now “hands-off” from the day to day operations and are not essential to the continued success of the company. With a certified Management team in place, the company’s operations can be easily integrated into a larger organization. Or can be run as it’s own entity.

The company also has a well-laid out help desk and support system.

Detailed Information

Employees: 28

Facilities: Sales Office in NY, Operations Office in NJ, Development Office in India

The company’ primary advantage over other development shops is that they have developed a specialization in specific markets creating a very sticky customer base with a growing recurring revenue stream. Secondary advantages include a well-organized and deliberate marketing plan and a systematized approach to projects and custom delivery.

Growth & Expansion: Grow into 1000s of large co-operatives across every industry.

Support & Training: 30

Reason for Selling: Moving onto other projects


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