Texas, US

Business Description

The company offers a multi-patented SaaS platform that rivals Salesforce, the platform helps in sales, order management, marketing teams, integration of video conferencing and collaboration tools. They deliver Comprehensive SaaS services that help organizations run more efficiently by automating their sales and operational functions. They combine business domain knowledge with technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver results in a cost-effective manner in a bid to maximize the competitive advantage and productivity with latest technology.

Forbes Company in Focus for 2021.

Since inception in 2019, the company has won a dozen awards and currently serves 10,000+ tested users and 2K+ live users around the globe with their 94+ employees spanned across 5 offices worldwide. The company currently has 78 clients plus 4 of the biggest banking institutions as their client.

The near-term target for the company in 2023-24 is to have 176 clients and 63,000 new licenses and the company is nearly there.

The company is aggressively gaining market share from its competitors.

Products and Services

The company’s SaaS application provides a web-based control panel and mobile-based app that helps organizations run efficiently by automating their sales and operational functions. The application was founded with a mission to assist sales, order management and marketing teams to list, perform and update all their activities on the go. This is one stop shop for all sales related activities rolled into one application. A customizable CRM Tool with a web-based control panel for managers and mobile- based application for executives, employees and organization teams to manage and measure the sales activities of their businesses and companies. Some of the features include:

  1. One-click solution
  2. Multiple features
  3. Remote team management
  4. Organized, centralized database
  5. Affordable and customizable
  6. No tech knowledge required

Their industry specific sub products clients comprise of Banking, Real Estate, Business Services, Manufacturing, FMCG and Medical industries.

Detailed Information

The company has five additional by-products:

  1. A highly secure and flexible video conferencing software to start, join, and collaborate video conferences anytime, anywhere, on any device. With this application, users can host secured and structured meetings with improved communication.
  2. A customizable solution to fully automate your entire HRMS process. With this application, businesses can perform all their core and tedious HR tasks in just few clicks.
  3. An outright solution to manage products, invoices, collections, and billing activities through a unified platform. This billing application assists businesses with all the features required to manage the client’s billing flawlessly.
  4. Innovative store management software to timely track and manage every inventory with ease. This application helps businesses timely track every incoming, existing and outgoing unit through automated inventory management procedure.
  5. This application is a perfect tool to streamline a company’s project management needs. The tool help individuals and teams organize and manage their projects and tasks effectively.

The current valuation was conducted by an industry professional as of 11/23. The company is in talks with the governing body of banking institution and with that the valuation will likely rise. This will open the doors for the company to all the banks that the governing body is in charge of oversight.



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