Over 90 Buyer Inquiries & 2 LOIs For A Recently Listed Business Within A Week

Over 90 Buyer Inquiries & 2 LOIs For A Recently Listed Business Within A Week.

We recently took to market a tech company and the response has been phenomenal.  We received over 90 buyer inquiries within a week and 2 LOIs – can you believe it?  So how did we do it?  

The first and foremost thing about taking a company to market is you have to have a great marketing in place. Without the right marketing, online and the buyer outreach you will not get the results that you seek.  

We at GillAgency have just the right amount of both – effective marketing online and a great database of active buyers.  Secondly the valuation is very critical.  The asking pricing vs. the adjusted EBITDA is extremely important.  The valuation has to be based on facts and not sentiments. 

The serial entrepreneurs, the private equity firms, the family offices, and the holding companies who we do business with know how quick and effective we work. They know that they can expect to receive the NDA within minutes of sending us an email and the CIM respectively. Speed and follow ups is the core contributors to our success. 

M&A activity is through the roof as the demand increases for highly sought-after businesses. Our client is very happy that he received 2 LOIs within 2 weeks and have 3 additional LOIs promised from other buyers and 4 conference calls booked next week. 

When you are looking to exit your business and you have been approached by a buyer directly, having multiple LOI situation is a problem you won’t have. You will just deal with one buyer and your negotiations are limited. 

This is where a great business broker like GillAgency comes in to assist. For a free no obligation, confidential conversation regarding your business please contact us via


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