Business Description

This near shore company is a highly profitable full-service software company that operates all over the globe but has majority of the concentration within the US (80%). The company specializes in software development with a team of highly specialized software professionals who offer high-quality products and services based on their business knowledge and the use of the latest tools in Information Technology. The company currently employs 110+ employees, with managers in place. The company provides software services all over USA (Florida, Massachusetts, California, Ohio, Texas, etc.), Canada, LATAM, Europe, New Zealand, etc.

The success of this company is evidenced by its nearly 15% year-over-year growth in 2020 and a sustained upward trajectory since 2017. The company surpassed the test of Covid-19 pandemic, with its operations indicating positive growth in 2020. This company’s opportunity has no ceiling, and over 35% profit margins. This ideal service business is easily scalable with expansion into other markets and regions. To complete this offering, a new owner will benefit from intuitive leadership by current management and owners in inheriting a motivated and skilled staff who are ready to stay.

The company was founded in early 2000s and is ISO 9001:2018 certified with extremely high customer and HR satisfaction. This company leverages its 20 years of experience to develop software solutions for its clients in broad areas such as web and mobile application development, data integration and migration, IoT and artificial intelligence among 4 other service offering. The company has really good engineers working with high knowledge in cutting-edge technologies. The employees offer professional behavior, timely execution, quality services, high performance, responsibility, and abundant of knowledge. The company is really content with their engineers and takes good care of them, being demanding in tech but providing the best place of work.

The company’s strengths and really differential points from other vendors is that they know perfectly well their US/CAN customers/partners wants and needs when they look for outsourced software services, they know, share, and agree with their work culture.



With the sale, a new owner will benefit from intuitive leadership by current management and owners in inheriting a motivated and skilled staff, and well-equipped offices. The current owner(s) are willing to stay on for an agreed period to help a new owner transition successfully into the business/company.


Reason for Sale

Having run and managed this business for the last 20 years, the owners of this company are ready to retire. This business could benefit from an owner with more energy to drive the business to newer heights.


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